UnitedHealth Updates Telehealth Coverage for Therapy Services

April 6, 2020
Rick Gawenda

On April 5, 2020 at 11:50pm CDT, UnitedHealthcare (UHC) posted an updated about telehealth services for physical, occupational and speech therapy services. If you submit claims on either a 1500-claim form or a UB-04 claim form, this is a must read article. The new update now states the following:

Reimbursable codes are limited to the specific set of physical, occupational and speech therapy codes listed

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  1. This is great that United HealthCare is allowing telehealth services to be billed on a UB04 form. I also saw an announcement today from CPTA that Atena will cover a series of eval and tx codes and that institution-based PTs may be bill on a UB04 claim form using modifier GT or 95.

    Do you think this is a trend that might continue? Any word on CMS adding PT/OT/SLP as telehealth providers?

  2. We were told by a UHC rep to use POS code “02”. I read above you state to use POS “11”. In the link provided I see nothing in regards to the POS code. Can you please provide the link tpo where this is stated? Maybe I missed it… Thanks!

    1. Read the 3rd paragraph of this article where it starts by saying UnitedHealthcare will reimburse eligible codes on a CMS 1500 form ……

      1. Thank you Rick. I did previously read that section and re-read it upon your recommendation. I still do not see POS specified. We actually called UHC again today and were told a second time to use the POS “02” for Telehealth by a second provider rep. I guess we’ll have to take our chances and she which one gets paid. Thanks