Can a Midwife Sign a Therapy Plan of Care

June 4, 2018
Rick Gawenda

A question I get every so often is can a midwife sign a plan of care for a Medicare beneficiary attending outpatient therapy services. In addition, what professionals can sign an outpatient therapy plan of care? In this article, I will answer both of these questions.

Midwifery education programs leading to the certified nurse midwife (CNM) and certified midwife (CM) credentials involve graduate education. Most programs require a Bachelors Degree for entry, but some will accept Registered Nurses (RNs) without a Bachelors Degree, providing a bridge program to a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) prior to the midwifery portion of the program. Some programs leading to the CNM credential require a BSN prior to entry, but many will accept an individual who has a Bachelors Degree but is not an RN, and will provide an accelerated nursing education prior to the midwifery portion of the program. Programs leading to the CM credential require a Bachelors Degree and specific health and science courses prior to entry.

So now, lets answer the question of can a midwife sign a plan of care for a Medicare beneficiary attending outpatient therapy services? The answer is

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    1. Since most midwifes are a nurse and most insurance carriers and state therapy practice acts do not allow nurses to refer for therapy services, I would say no. As always, it’s your responsibility to know who you can accept referrals from for outpatient therapy services.

  1. I was cited the following in favor of a midwife prescribing physical therapy – how does this play into the issue?

    PA 499: sections 17201, 17820.

    This states PTs and PTAs shall engage in treatment of patients if prescribed by an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (which includes Nurse Midwifery by definition).

    Appreciate your helping clarify this.

    1. That is probably something specific to your state. Under Medicare rules and regulations, a person that is just a midwife and not also a nurse practitioner or clinical nurse specialist can’t certify a Medicare outpatient therapy plan of care.

  2. Ok, thank you. For other, non-Medicare insurances am I correct to assume we would need to contact them individually to see if they follow the same rules as Medicare or is there another method to find out?

    1. For all insurance carriers, you need to see who they allow to write an order/referral for outpatient therapy services.