What is CPT Assistant

May 12, 2016
Rick Gawenda

CPT Assistant is a monthly publication from the American Medical Association (AMA) that provides information and clarification regarding proper CPT code usage. CPT Assistant can be used for the following:

  • Improve compliance and overturn denials
  • Validate coding to auditors
  • Educate providers, coders, and payers
  • Demystify confusing codes with clinical scenarios
  • Get answers to your most frequently asked questions

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  1. can you tell me how to read this so I can understand what it is saying I just don’t understand the dates with the semicolon and the extra number
    CPT Assistant Oct 05:18, Dec 08:7, Jan 09:7, Oct 15:5

    1. The extra number is the page number. For example, Oct 05:18 means October 2005, page 18. Dec 08:7 means December 2008, page 7.