Progress Reports, Reevaluations and Recertifications All in One Note

May 23, 2016
Rick Gawenda

Over the last several weeks, I have written articles on Reevaluations vs Progress Reports: What’s the Difference?, Progress Reports: What are the Required Elements?, and Progress Reports vs Recertifications: What’s the Difference? This week, I want to discuss is it possible for one note to include the required elements for a progress report, reevaluation and a recertification and if yes, how would the note look and would a physician need to sign and date the note.

To answer the question, yes, one note can contain the required elements for a progress report, reevaluation and a recertification for Medicare Part B patient’s. Keep in mind that the required elements for a progress report and reevaluation are essentially the same. They are:

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  1. Speaking in terms of outpatient therapy…

    Is there a required timing for progress reports for patients who are not covered by Medicare? I’m wondering as far as what commercial insurances are requiring as well as in our practice acts, etc.

    Is it different if the PTA has been treating vs. the PT themselves?

    1. I know there is a 30 day “re evaluation” if the PTA is treating, but wondering if this applies when “only” the PTA has worked with them in the past 30 days – does the 30 days start over if the PT has treated?

      1. Under the Medicare program, there is no 30 day “reevaluation” if the PTA is treating. If this is a requirement of your state practice act, I would refer you back to your practice act.

    2. You would have to check your state practice act as well as insurance carrier policies to see if either or both require Progress Reports at certain intervals.