Is Functional Limitation Reporting Ending

December 21, 2018
Rick Gawenda

Is functional limitation reporting ending at the end of 2018? The answer depends on what insurance carrier you are asking about. For traditional Medicare Part B beneficiaries, functional limitation reporting (FLR)

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  1. If a patient starts therapy or is in the middle of therapy care before Jan 1, will we need to add g-codes to end that encounter for services that go into Jan 2019?

  2. This may be a similar question but we’re an outpatient rehab facility that bills institutional but we get paid under Part B benefits. This still applies to us, correct? No more FLR?

  3. How do we close out current charts with Gcodes at year end? Do we just quit using them as of January 1? Is there a discharge process?

  4. Can you please confirm that Gcodes for outpatient PT/OT/ST have been terminated by all Medicare plans effective 1/1/19?

  5. Can you confirm if any Medicare replacement plans and commercial carriers have done away with functional limitation reporting in 2020?