Becky Stoner

I’ve been to 1 of his live presentation and many of his on-line courses and Rick Gawenda seminars are worth every minute and dollar spent on them. It’s current, important info about PT/OT practice for many different settings, and his broad knowledge of insurance, practice standards, and what’s coming next are valuable to my private PT practice. They are reasonably priced, easy to access at any time, the handouts are great so you can just listen to his info without having to write everything also, and his Q & A at the end of each seminar demonstrate his very qualified knowledge of the topics.

Susan Lukens

I utilize Gawenda often for regulatory updates and guidelines. I find his information on point, up to date and applicable to my physical therapy practice. Individual questions are answered clearly and timely. Well worth Gold Membership!

Ashlee Arrington

It has been our pleasure to be a gold member with Gawenda Seminars and Consulting. Rick is extremely knowledgeable and easily accessible . He is very responsive to emails, calls. His updates are timely and makes sure that our practice stays ahead of the curve.

Dianne Switzer

I have attended a live course, numerous webinars and had one on one consulting with Rick. He and Gawenda Seminars consistently provide relevant and timely content to assist in managing our therapy practice. I am thankful to have Gawenda as a resource. thanks Rick

Jen O’Brien

Rick is an amazing speaker who makes sense of all of the regulations that we have to adhere to as physical therapists. I have seen him speak on numerous times and he always delivers valuable content.

James Moore

So glad a PT has gone out and learned this information for the rest of us. His billing and coding classes are useful and informed. He seminars on Medicare and compliance have been so useful for me

Mike Nichting

The Gawenda Seminars are the gold standard for billing training. We couldn’t be happier with them! You are missing out if you are not a gold member or have not attended a conference.

Janette Powell

Engaging & informative learning experience – highly recommended! I know I’ll be back for more.

Amy Stewart

Rick is very knowledgeable and shares this information in a very clear way. He managed to make what could be a boring topic interesting.

Kathy Tisko

Excellent presentation and manual with information to use right away!