Dispelling the Most Common Outpatient Therapy Myths

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This webinar will dispel over 20 common myths that exist in outpatient physical, occupational and speech therapy.

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In my role as a consultant, speaker and presenter, one of my responsibilities is to provide my clients and participants with the correct information with references, when applicable, to successfully run their therapy practice or department while remaining compliant with Medicare and private insurance carrier rules and regulations. Over my past 19 years in my current role, I have received many “urban legend myth” questions that have been passed down that people think are true. The goal of this webinar is to dispel some of those myths. Some of the 20 or more myths that will be addressed in this webinar include:

  • Therapy students can’t treat Medicare outpatients
  • You can’t double book Medicare patient’s
  • You can’t bill 2 CPT codes during the same 15-minute period
  • You can’t bill more than 4 units per hour
  • The definition of  “requires direct one-on-one contact” applies only to Medicare
  • Medicare requires an order to begin outpatient therapy services
  • Medicare requires a re-evaluation every 10 visits
  • Medicare doesn’t pay for maintenance therapy
  • You must issue an ABN when a Medicare beneficiary exceeds the therapy threshold
  • I can collect cash from a Medicare patient for covered therapy services
  • Medicare Advantage plans follow Medicare rules and regulations
  • Medicare does not pay for reevaluations same day you provide treatment

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