Will OptumHealth Renegotiate My Fee Schedule

October 23, 2017
Rick Gawenda

A question I often receive is will insurance carriers renegotiate my fee schedule and pay me more for the outpatient therapy services I provide to their beneficiaries? Of course, this is a question I can’t give a definitive answer to, but I always recommend you try, especially if you provide services that are considered sub-specialties. Sub-specialty services could include lymphedema, pediatrics and certified hand therapy.

OptumHealth states the following to providers who want to renegotiate their fee schedule:

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  1. ha, not true.. we get 55 a visit and we have tried to talk with them about getting a raise. They tell us that we treat our patients on average 2 visits to many… We have explained to them that we do a ton of manual therapy and that the Doctors send us their hard cases. They do not care and we haven’t seen an increase in years!