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E-Visits and Billing Medicare: UPDATE

During a Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) “Office Hours” call on April 14, 2020, a participant asked if E-Visits (G2061, G2062 and G2063) and Virtual Check-Ins (G2010 and G2012) could be billed on a UB-04 claim form? In addition, a question was asked if you can bill HCPCS Level II codes for more than 1 7-day period? In this article, I will answer both questions. The answer from the CMS representative was I hope you found this article helpful. Thank you for being a Gold Member!

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Can an Assistant Provide an E-Visit or Telephone Service

Due to the Public Health Emergency (PHE) as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) have designated the following CPT codes and HCPCS Level II codes as “sometimes therapy” CPT codes: G2010: Remote evaluation of recorded video and/or images submitted by an established patient (e.g., store and forward), including interpretation with follow-up with the patient within 24 business hours, not originating from a related E/M service provided within the previous 7 days nor leading to an E/M service or procedure within the next 24 hours or soonest available appointment G2012: Brief communication technology-based

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CMS Updates Telehealth and Outpatient Therapy Services

On March 30, 2020, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) issued an interim final rule with comment period titled “Medicare and Medicaid Programs; Policy and Regulatory Revisions in Response to the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency“. This interim final rule with comment period contains important information for not only outpatient physical, occupational and speech-language pathology therapy services, but also therapy provided under a Home Health Agency plan of care and inpatient rehabilitation facilities. Lets start with outpatient physical, occupational and speech therapy services and find out what’s new! QuestionDid CMS add physical therapists (PTs), occupational therapists (OTs) and speech-language

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Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation Therapy Update

On March 26, 2020, the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation announced they will temporarily expand the providers permitted to bill for virtual check in services and telephone services to check in with established patients. Telephone services include CPT codes 99371, 99372 or 99373. The virtual check in service codes include CPT codes 98970, 98971, and 98972. The virtual check-incontact is usually made electronically through a patient portal. For purposes of this temporary policy update, the contact can also be made by email. These code sets are currently billed by providers who can render Evaluation and Management Services. Under Policy Alert

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