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Must I Enroll In Medicare to Treat Medicare Beneficiaries?

I am often asked must physical therapists (PTs), occupational therapists (OTs), and speech-language pathologists (SLPs) in private practice enroll in the Medicare program if they want to treat Medicare beneficiaries for outpatient therapy services that are covered by the Medicare program? This then leads to a second question I am often asked. If PTs, OT’s and SLPs must enroll in the Medicare program, what is this non-participating provider status? Doesn’t this mean I don’t participate with Medicare, hence, I can charge the Medicare beneficiary cash for outpatient therapy services? How about services that are statutorily non-covered by the Medicare program;

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Effective Date of Enrollment and Retrospective Billing Date

When a physical therapist, occupational therapist or speech-language pathologist in private practice enrolls in the Medicare program, how does the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) determine the effective date of enrollment and what are the requirements for retrospective billing and how many days can you bill for services prior to the effective date of your enrollment? In this article, I will answer these questions. Question How is the effective date determined? Answer QuestionWhat are the retrospective billing requirements and limitations? Answer QuestionCan you give an example of the difference between Effective Date of Enrollment and Retrospective Billing Date?

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