Strapping and Kinesiotaping: What’s the Difference?

April 16, 2018
Rick Gawenda

I often receive questions about the strapping codes, when it would be applicable to use them, are they time-based or not, and what is the difference between strapping and kinesiotaping. First, lets list the strapping codes. According to the American Medical Association, CPT Professional Edition, 2018, the strapping codes are as follows:

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  1. Is the strapping code for toe correct? We have been using 29550 and it is in our cpt book the code you listed was not in our cpt book. Just double checking to see if I have the right code or not.

  2. When a therapist applies serial taping, such as hypafix and a cotton porous tape, to position an infant’s foot into an abducted and everted position for a prolonged stretch to obtain a more functional position- what is the best CPT code to charge?

  3. If kinesiotaping is used for managing lymphedema then would 97140 (manual therapy) be the most appropriate code?