Speech-Generating Devices: How to Bill For The Evaluation & Education

April 18, 2016
Rick Gawenda

As I speak around the country, I am often surprised how many providers are not aware of CPT codes that speech-language pathologists (SLPs) could and should be using to bill to an insurance carrier for the evaluation of a speech-generating augmentative and alternative communication device (SGD). A SGD is a device that produces digital or synthesized speech. In this week’s article, I will explain how to use the evaluation CPT codes for an evaluation for a SGD as well as how to bill for the programming, modification and patient education and training associated with a SGD.

Lets begin with the evaluation CPT codes. There are 2 CPT codes SLPs should be using when performing an evaluation for a SGD.

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  1. Thank you for this information. The question is when you are billing both 92607 and 92608 on the same initial visit how to do chart g-codes since it is two evaluation charges. When you charge 2 evaluation charges on the same date you do one set as the functional limitation and then also report a different g-code set as a One Time visit. How can you do that when both evaluation codes address the same limitation?

  2. As a Part B provider, we are seeing denials for both 92607 and 92609. Are there specific ICD-10 codes that you have seen are required when billing these CPT codes? In this particular instance, this is through UCare (a Medicare Advantage plan) and not Medicare directly.

    1. You would have to look at the denial reasons and any policy the payer may have for SLP services.