Your Outpatient Therapy Medicare Data Footprint: What Medicare Knows that You Should Know

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This webinar will discuss how the Medicare program utilizes your statistics based on the billing you submit to your Medicare Administrative Contractor to determine who to audit and what to audit.

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Are you familiar with these entities: OIG, GAO, CERT, RAC, ZPIC, MAC, and MEDPAC? Do you know what your utilization statistics are for Medicare patients compared to other practices in your region and state? Have you read any of the recent OIG cases against outpatient therapy? Think they don’t apply to you? Medicare audits are on the rise, and outpatient physical therapy has been on the OIG worklist for several years. Attend this webinar to learn about your Medicare data footprint and how Medicare can use that data. Learn about the multiple audit entities and how to respond to a record request. Learn about the items cited in the most recent OIG cases. Determine the key items that might put your practice at the most at risk and leave with tools to evaluate and impact your data footprint.

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