Medicare 201: Beyond the Basics

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This webinar will teach participants about topics that are typically not taught in onsite seminars, at national conferences, and definitely not in college. Topics discussed will include, but are not limited to Multiple Procedure Payment Reduction policy, out-of-network payment for Medicare Advantage patients, outpatient therapy provided to a Medicare beneficiary in hospice, participating vs non-participating provider with Medicare, and the CQ/CO therapist/therapy assistant modifier.

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In college, therapists and assistants get very little education and training in the business and compliance aspects of outpatient physical, occupational, and/or speech therapy services. If they do, it is usually limited to the basics of CPT coding, documentation, and perhaps, some billing. This webinar will focus on topics that “veteran” therapists and assistants as well as recent graduates may not know and/or completely understand. This webinar will discuss the following topics:

  • How does CMS determine the payment for each CPT code
  • How is the multiple procedure payment reductions applied and how does it impact your payment
  • CQ and CO therapist/therapy assistant modifiers
  • When to and when not to issue an advance beneficiary notice of noncoverage (ABN)
  • How does the annual Medicare Part B deductible impact the annual therapy threshold
  • Explain which Medigap plans cover the annual Part B deductible and 115% limiting charge for nonparticipating providers
  • Describe how Medicare Advantage (MA) plans reimburse therapists who are not enrolled in the MA plan
  • Recite when you can bill Medicare for outpatient therapy for a Medicare beneficiary in hospice
  • Differences and benefits of enrolling as a participating provider vs a nonparticipating provider in Medicare
  • Qualified Medicare Beneficiary Program


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