ICD-10 For Speech Therapy Services (SLP)


With the transition to ICD-10 occurring on October 1, 2015, providers of outpatient therapy services need to begin and/or continue their training in ICD-10 as it applies to outpatient therapy services provided in a private practice, skilled nursing facility, hospital outpatient department, rehabilitation agency, home health doing Part B in the home, and comprehensive outpatient rehabilitation facilities. This 2-hour webinar program will build upon the basics of ICD-10 by providing in-depth ICD-10 coding, documentation and payment information for speech therapy services in these settings.

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This 2-hour webinar program will build upon the basics of ICD-10 by providing in-depth ICD-10 coding, documentation and payment information for speech-language pathology therapy services. Examples provided in the webinar will focus on speech therapy case studies in pediatrics, adult, and geriatrics. Conditions discussed will include, but not limited to, autism, cerebral palsy, Down Syndrome, vocal cord nodules, child and adult onset stuttering, traumatic brain injury, cleft palate and cleft lip, dysphagia, traumatic versus non-traumatic hematoma’s, aphasia, mixed expressive-receptive aphasia, and much more. A hands-on approach using case scenarios will be used to incorporate documentation changes and compare ICD-10 to ICD-9 codes. In addition, the webinar will discuss when the 7th character is required and distinguish between the initial encounter, subsequent encounter and sequela for visits due to a traumatic injury. This intermediate session includes coding resources and additional tips related to transitioning to ICD-10.


At the conclusion of this audio presentation, participants will:

  • Apply ICD-10 coding concepts to speech therapy pediatric, adult, and geriatric services
  • Understand the impact of ICD-10 coding to speech therapy practice
  • Be able to understand the differences between a traumatic injury and non-traumatic injury when assigning ICD-10 codes
  • Identify documentation issues pertinent to speech therapy services as it applies to ICD-10
  • Describe when a 7th character is required in ICD-10 coding
  • Define initial encounter, subsequent encounter and sequela
  • Utilize ICD-10 resources for an effective transition to ICD-10
  • Describe the differences between ICD-10 and ICD-9 coding


Rick Gawenda, P.T., graduated in 1991 with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy from Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan. Mr. Gawenda is currently the President and founder of Gawenda Seminars & Consulting, Inc. and Director of Finances for Kinetix Advanced Physical Therapy Inc., a private practice with multiple locations located in southern California. He has provided valuable education and consulting to hospitals, rehabilitation agencies, private practices, nursing homes, and his peers in the areas of CPT and ICD-10 coding, billing, documentation, reimbursement, and compliance as it pertains to outpatient therapy services as well as denial management and the appeals process for Medicare denied claims. Mr. Gawenda’s website, www.gawendaseminars.com, provides a valuable source of information on rehabilitation rules and regulations, coding, documentation, and reimbursement.

Mr. Gawenda is a member of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) and Michigan Physical Therapy Association (MPTA). Mr. Gawenda is the Past President of the Section on Health Policy & Administration of the APTA as well as Past President of the Michigan Association of Medical Rehabilitation Program Administrators.

Mr. Gawenda is also the author of “The How-To Manual for Rehab Documentation: A Complete Guide to Increasing Reimbursement and Reducing Denials” and “Coding and Billing For Outpatient Rehab Made Easy: Proper Use of CPT Codes, ICD-9 Codes and Modifiers”.


Speech-Language Pathologists, private practice owners and practice administrators, coders and office managers at private practices, as well as directors, managers, supervisors, coders, and billers in skilled nursing facilities, hospital outpatient therapy departments, schools, rehabilitation agencies, home health agencies, and comprehensive outpatient rehabilitation facilities.


In addition to the expertise and advice presented during this webinar conference, you’ll also receive a handout (in PDF format) that will include related references.


A certificate of attendance will be available upon purchase of the webinar and may be adequate for credit in some states; you will need to contact your state licensing regulatory body to determine whether or not credit will be granted for this webinar conference listened to via a CD or webinar link of the live presentation that occurred on September 22, 2015.


Time:  Approximately 2 hours (including Q&A time recorded)


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