New York Mandates Insurances Pay for Telehealth Services

March 26, 2020
Rick Gawenda

On March 3, 2020, New York State Department of Financial Services issued Insurance Circular Letter No. 3 (2020) to All Insurers Authorized to Write Accident and Health Insurance in New York State, Article 43 Corporations, Health Maintenance Organizations, Student Health Plans Certified Pursuant to Insurance Law § 1124, and Municipal Cooperative Health Benefit Plans.

The letter goes on to state the following: “Issuers are reminded that Insurance Law §§ 3217-h and 4306-g and Public Health Law § 4406-g prohibit issuers from excluding a service that is otherwise covered under a comprehensive health insurance policy or contract because the service is delivered via telehealth.  The term “telehealth” means the use of electronic information and communication technologies by a provider to deliver health care services to an insured individual while the individual is located at a site that is different from the site where the provider is located.  Issuers are directed to ensure that, as applicable, their telehealth programs with participating providers are robust and will be able to meet any increased demand.”

Click HERE to access the letter. If you find that insurance companies are not adhering to this requirement, notify your applicable Government Office as well as the State Insurance Commissioner.

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