Must I Participate in MIPS

May 8, 2017
Rick Gawenda

In calendar year 2017 and 2018, physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists and certified registered nurse anesthetist are eligible to participate in the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System program. Physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech-language pathologists in private practice are not eligible to participate in MIPS in 2017 and 2018 , but may be added to the program in 2019 by the Director of Health and Human Services.

CMS has released a tool to help clinicians determine if they are eligible to participate in the MIPS program in 2017. Click HERE to access the tool. You will need your National Provider Identifier (NPI) number.


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  1. Do we know if Outpatient Physical Therapy will be added to the MIPS program in 2019 yet? I don’t see anything on the CMS or APTA website. Thanks!

    1. We won’t know until CMS releases the proposed rule for services paid under the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule. This is due out on or around July 1, 2018.

  2. Hi, Has it been confirmed that outpatient physical and occupational therapy will be added to the MIPS program for 2019?

    Thank you.

  3. The participation tool says that “there is no participation details for this NPI” – I assume they just don’t have us yet and that it doesn’t mean that we are low volume. Correct?