Dry Needling CPT Code in the Future?

October 2, 2018
Rick Gawenda

The American Physical Therapy Association partnered with the American Chiropractic Association and presented an application for a dry needling CPT code at the American Medical Association CPT Meeting in Boston, September 27-29. APTA will provide an update on the results of the meeting after the meeting information is made public. Watch for an updated article on my website once the information is made public.

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  1. This is a different question, which CPT code replaced 97140 for Manual Therapy? What has changed that Medicare and all affiliated plans no longer allow for us to bill 97161 -97163 for an Evaluation and then perform 97140?
    Thank you, Beate

    1. Manual therapy is still CPT code 97140 and Medicare does pay for treatment on the same day as an evaluation.

  2. Our organization has been getting referrals from physicians for mindfulness training for the treatment of patients with a chronic pain diagnosis. This approach utilizes breathing, meditation and exercises. There have been some studies that have supported this treatment for these types of conditions. Would the CPT 97710 be appropriate to use in these cases? Thank you.

    1. My opinion is most insurance companies, including Medicare, would consider this experimental and investigational.