CPT Code 97750 and the Therapist Assistant

October 24, 2016
Rick Gawenda

A question I often receive about CPT code 97750 – Physical performance testing or measurement (eg, musculoskeletal, functional capacity), with written report, each 15 minutes is “Can a physical therapist assistant (PTA) or occupational therapy assistant (OTA) bill for 97750 or can only a physical therapist (PT) or occupational therapist (OT) bill for it”? In this article, I will answer who can bill for CPT code 97750 and what component(s) the PTA or OTA can perform and what the PT or OT must perform.

In addition, did you see my article “CPT Code 97750: When Do I Use This Code” where I answered the following questions:

  1. When can I bill CPT code 97750?
  2. Can we use CPT code 97750 in place of a reevaluation if an insurance carrier does not pay for a reevaluation?
  3. Can we use this code for the time it takes us to take range of motion measurements and perform manual muscle testing?
  4. Can we bill this CPT code for the time a patient completes a questionnaire and we review it with the patient?
  5. How often can we bill CPT code 97750?
  6. Can we bill CPT code 97750 for writing a Progress Report?
  7. Can we bill CPT code 97750 every 10th visit on Medicare patient’s when completing functional limitation reporting?
  8. What time counts towards “the each 15 minutes” when determining how many units to bill?

A PTA and/or OTA can administer the physical performance testing and measurement

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