Aetna Extends Telehealth Coverage Timeframe

June 1, 2020
Rick Gawenda

Aetna’s expansion of telehealth services to include outpatient physical, occupational and speech therapy services was due to expire on June 4, 2020. Due to the continued COVID-19 Public Health Emergency, Aetna will now cover outpatient physical, occupational and speech therapy delivered via telehealth until

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  1. Thanks for this update. I clicked on the link to Aetna’s website and read the FAQs, but didn’t see OT/PT/ST mentioned. Can you tell me where to find that specific information on coverage for outpatient OT/PT/ST? I am interested in commercial plans’ coverage.Thank you.

    1. Once you go to the website in the article, click on “How long are Aetna’s liberalized coverage of telemedicine services and cost share waivers in effect? (Updated 6/5/2020)” It won’t mention PT, OT and SLP specifically. You can also sign into your Availity account and see the Telehealth policy.

  2. Hello Rick;
    We have some Aetna patients who prefer mostly telehealth visits, but also request an occasional in-person visit.
    If the therapist lists in-person and telehealth visits/services in the plan of care, will Aetna pay for both types of services within the same week or same month? Thankyou.
    Linda Lucuski, PT, DPT.

    1. Aetna has not published any restrictions on doing both telehealth and in-person visits during the same week or same episode of care.

  3. Good Morning
    In this FAQ I cannot seem to find anything about MCR Advantage date for telehealth expiring related to PT/OT/ST just behavioral heath and primary care. Would you happen to know where else I may find that info or will I need to contact them directly? Do they follow CMS or their commercial plans?

    Thank you

    1. If you have an Availity account, you would need to sign in to that account and read the Aetna Telehealth policy.