2020 Update to the Therapy Code List

August 3, 2020
Rick Gawenda

On July 31, 2020, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released Transmittal 10241, Change Request (CR) 11762 that updates the 2020 Annual Update to the Therapy Code List.

This update deletes CPT codes 90911, 95831, 95832, 95833 and 95834 as well as HCPCS Level II code G0515 and adds CPT codes 90912, 90913, 97129 and 97130. Click HERE to access the annual therapy code list and dispositions.

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  1. We are an outpatient Neuro rehab facility. We bill out for Cognitive therapy using 97129 and then 97130.. if we bill out for over an hour State Farm auto will not reimburse us for the service. I am currently not using a modifier should I use GP/GO or GN? and am I allowed to Bill out for Cognitive therapy for longer then an hour?


    1. You would need to contact State Farm. They may be limiting how many units of the same CPT code or how many units total they will pay for during a single visit.

  2. Can ST and OT both bill 97129 on the same date of service if the patient has different appointment times and the notes are distinct with different goals?

    1. Simple answer is yes, they can both bill. Whether an insurance carrier pays both disciplines is what you would have to check.